Dear customer,

with the aim to improve both the service and relationship with the clients, starting from
7 January 2008 the following company will be dealing with all any matter regarding spare parts:

Based in Via Francesco Lonati, 3 – 25124 - Brescia (Italy)
Fiscal code & TAV : 02438680122
Tel. 0039 030 23901 – Fax 0039 030 2305311
Web site:

From 07 January 2008 onward,all theactivitiescarried out so far by
Matec Spa based in Via Delle Nazioni Unite, 1 Scandicci - Florence,
will be entirely dispatched by LONATI GROUP SERVICE SRL based in Brescia.
Please find full details hereunder:

Customer service and order placing:
Contact person : Mr. Sandro TORRI
Telephone: +39.030.23901
Fax +39.030.2305311

MATEC Spa will continue to deal with repairs against payment and replacement of parts under guarantee, but in a new location based in:
Via S.Eufemia, 106/E – 25135 - Brescia (Italy)

The technical assistance will be assured by the LONATI Group according to the following terms:

Panty hose line – Mono-Cylinder for socks line – Medical Line:

Person in charge for assistance
Mr. Michele ZAMPATTI
Tel. +39.030.3767333

Technical & Electronic assistance
Tel. +39.030.3767304

Technical assistance
Mr. Massimo AMEDANI
Tel. +39.030.3767316

Double-cylinder line:

Person in charge for assistance
Mr. Felice BUSI
Tel. +39.030.2390365

With reference to the sale of MATEC MACHINES, we'd like to inform that the production lines of HF, PRESTIGE and PENDOLINA models have been moved to Santoni S.p.A., while the production line of PERFECTOE model has been moved to Lonati S.p.A.

For any request please refer to the sales network Sangiacomo - Matec.

We will remain to complete disposal for any clarifications.

Yours sincerely.